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Leader of faith, The

Power attracts, and often, those who held, abused him.

Being a leader does not have, is not to assert their will, their desire.

Being a leader is to lead, is to guide and advise.

From this line of thinking, this book aims to open the eyes of priests, pastors and spiritual leaders, in order not to cultivate that desire for power, but they are presented to the heart of god, who is a heart full of love for those who are leading.

However, the reflections found here may be useful not only for priests but for any leader, even the laity.

Sobre o autor:

Franciscan conventual, Father Elias Vella was born in Malta on February 28, 1941. He studied theology and catechesis at the Lateran University in Rome. In 1964 he was ordained priest. From 1980 to 1986 was minister provincial of the Franciscan conventuals in Malta. For eight years he served as the delegate of the archbishop to religious and nuns in Malta. For 24 years he was a Professor of Dogmatic Teology and Pastoral Teology at the INSERM (Institutum Nationalis Studiorum Ecclesiasticorum Religiosorum Melitensium). Today he is considered as one of the most prominent exorcists both in his country and elsewhere, besides being also the President of the Archdiocesan Commission on Occult and Satanism in Malta. Father Elias leads prayers, seminars, retreats and spiritual exercises in several countries, including India, Philippines, Australia, West Africa, Italy, Germany, Poland, England and the United States. In Brazil has published ten works of religious literature – three of them were published in English Language.

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Autor: Father Elias Vella
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